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Stanage Edge, Peak District.

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

So back in December, yes that long ago. We ventured out for a family adventure; it was quite a brisk and chilly day as you would imagine at the end of December but nevertheless we got wrapped up, jumped in the car and we headed out towards the village of Hathersage. I can't quite recall where we parked but there's quite a few parking spaces along the route, having found a quiet spot we stopped in a parking area beside the moorland where we could see the cliff faces of Stanage Edge.

It's been a long time since my girl guiding days and map orienteering so forgive my lack of description when it comes to where we were. I tend to just follow my trusty other half who is the one who claims he knows where we are going yet I think he's actually just taking a punt most of the time if I'm honest.

Stanage Edge is a beauty spot in the Peak District that is popular for walkers and climbers, and it's well known for its stunning views and scenery across the Dark Peak moorland and it's amazing stone formations. The gritstone edge spans over 4 miles long and the Peak District's iconic millstones and can be found along the landscape.

When visiting anywhere I take my camera just in case I want to capture anything that catches my attention , safe to say a lot di.

I thought I'd share a few of the photos here and let you see some of the striking views you would find if you visited Stanage Edge. I highly recommend if you haven't been that you do give it a try; however, do your research first though so you know what to expect and make sure you're wearing appropriate attire.

We began our adventure heading through a gap in the dry stone wall and followed a flagstoned path through the rust coloured rushes and moorland around us. You can see the cliff edge in the distance here.

Once up at the top the views are amazing. It was quite overcast but I quite liked the moody colours that were captured in the photos from the low hazy cloud and the way it contrasts with the sharp stone edge.

It was incredibly windy as we got to the top, and I was struggling to keep myself on two feet in some areas. It was such a drastic change in weather going from the bottom, in a valley, to up onto the plateau. You can see in the rain water that had been caught in the indentations of the rocky surface how windy it was from the ripples.

Between the rocks some shelter could be found from the wind. Here Olive is having a little pose for the camera in the natural windbreaker.

I hadn't been up to Stanage Edge before and it's actually so close to home I'm surprised at myself. We only did a small part of the escarpment but the area we did explore was full of amazing details. The formations of these monoliths were so interesting I think we spent most of the time just peering through the gaps and rock hopping, as well as stopping to take in the views.

What really took my attention was the contrasting and vibrant colours across the landscape although, you would imagine it to be quite bleak and dull in December it was quite surprising. I particularly loved the mosses and grasses on the stones and the variation of textures underfoot going from squishy grassy mounds to solid stone.

The panoramic views were spectacular even on this overcast day. We really must go again soon - I'd be interested to see what seasonal colour changes there are now too.

It's clear to see why this is such a popular beauty spot and on a clear day you really would be able to see for miles. In the distance you can just about make out Hope Valley in the photo below.

When I took my camera on this trip I didn't have any intention of this being the source of inspiration for my collection. However, working through the photos, I really wanted to explore this area in my practice and I think the colours that have been pulled from these images are well fitting to the Peak District area. I'm extremely glad that I revisited these photos when I was looking for some visual references for my project.

Reflecting on the topic of wellbeing and how I felt when we were exploring this landscape, it was quite a refreshing feeling being on top of this escarpment. And it was a much needed adventure at the time, I think the whole experience really helped me clear my mind for what my intentions would be for the coming year, although yes I've had to change a few plans because of how this year has developed but I also think that this has made me even more appreciative of the area that we live in and how lucky we are to have these places on our doorstep. I can't claim to be of any geographical help but I love to explore the visual and experiential gifts these places have to offer. If by sharing these moments on this blog I can inspire and encourage you to appreciate, love and respect the natural world we live in, then I'm happy with that.

Look after Mother Nature and she will look after you x


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