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WOVEN Festival 2019 - Nostalgia Project

After the success of our Cultural Ecology project research we were approached by Hatch Projects to commission an exhibition in collaboration with the WOVEN Festival with the focus on celebrating textiles across Kirklees. 
Using our skills as researchers and creatives we designed and curated an interactive exhibition on the theme of 'Huddersfield's Heritage & Innovation in Textiles'

Through Nostalgic resonance the project aimed to bring back the lived memories & experiences of the regions' textile industry, allowing visitors to revisit and share the stories of their historic threads. Through engagement activities the project hoped to encourage social interactions between all generations helping to connect the strong heritage with today's innovative developments to inspire future generations of textile practitioners. 

The project relied heavily on community engagement & participation to build a portfolio of primary research that can be used to provoke innovative processes to improve cultural ecologies within the local community.

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