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Process: Natural Dyes

As far as the actual results go I am happy with them but I do think there could have been more variation , there must have been some issues in the dyeing process for example the Birch should have produced more pink & Mauve tones however this could be related to the cold water process or the dye bath wasn't strong enough? It's something I'd like to look at again if I can get the chance, as I'd like to try the cold water dyed samples in the hot water method and see what differences come of it. Alkanet was another that was to produce purples and greys however in Wild Colour, Dean explains that Alkanet is a PH sensitive dyestuff and this could be the issue in this case , possibly using a PH balancer in future would be better for this dye material.

Overall though the results have come out quite varied. My particular favourite groups are the logwood, elderberry & chamomile. The logwood is most definitely the most successful and an interesting experiment I'd like to try with it in future is reducing the strength of the dye. So the dye material can be soaked multiple times reducing in concentration and producing further shades.

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