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Fungi collection

Inspired by my natural surroundings I'm always taking photographs, fungi is quite a fascination of mine and over time I've built up quite the photo album. Their structure, shape and form vary through every species. The colours can range from browns and reds to the most vivid pinks and purples too. Here's just a handful of the fungi photos I have.

Fungi studies in different mediums - Pencil, Pen & ink, disperse dye and pen.

Abstract mark making with Posca pens.

The bracket fungi inspired drawing felt like it was going somewhere so I decided to work on that and did another variation into a Lino print.

Colour is really important in my practice, I like to work Biophilia into my work and that includes utilising colours from nature and the colours that evoke positive emotional responses. I use the photographs as colour reference points and look for the most appealing colours that come from the subject and then look at how they work together on a whole.

Final colour selections with themed names

For the next print I used some of the Lino prints and other mark making drawings and cut them up , started to collage with them and different coloured papers to creat a different composition. Then working into the composition again with more mark making and then scan this into photoshop to build in the colours I've been working with.

The three different colour ways of the collage fungi print

And the full print range in the blue and green colour ways

All the prints are digitally printed by me on archival 230gsm photo paper and are available in the KIN.DER shop , Arundel St, Glossop.


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