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Biophilic design at home

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Working From Home aka WFH

Something a lot of us have had to do recently but have we thought about how our spaces can affect us ?

Biophilia 🌳 literally means the love of nature! Surrounding ourselves in nature can have positive benefits to our productivity as well as our mental health.

Biophilic design is becoming more and more popular in the workplace but it is not limited to our workplaces , we can incorporate natural connections into our home with the addition of plants and by making sure we get plenty of natural light

Colour can also be used as a indirect connection to nature , think of the colours in nature , how we feel so calm in woods surrounded by lush greens for example , using colours found in nature is a simple and easy way to incorporate natural connections into our environment.

More so than ever though now our personal space is becoming our workspace and we have the opportunity to make our workspace work for us! .

This is my new "WFH" space, I've used plants as a direct connection to nature, I've also made sure I am near a window getting plenty of natural light in as well as a view onto the hills (if I look from the right angle!).

Non visual connections can also be incorporated such as smells , aromatherapy plays an important role in stress reduction with the correct fragrances. Using a diffuser and essential oils is a great way of adding a sensory stimuli into the space.

Biophillic design is one of the key drivers within my practice and a core intention of which I will alway incorporate into my designs. Researching this topic has given me a better understanding to my own love of nature again though I feel as though I've only just scratched the surface but it is definitely a topic of which I am passionate about and continue to research.

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