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After discovering the amazing pattern books in the archives as part of my Glossop Creates PAIRINGS residency and learning the story of Edmund Potter, I was keen to continue working on the Dinting Vale Printworks project. Also, eager to have some focussed time on developing my creative practice as a printmaker & designer.

I have a passion for creating a sense of place through print and would love to produce a body of work that would contribute towards building my professional portfolio whilst also telling a story about the heritage of our town.

With this in mind, in March I applied for round 13 of the Arts Council England Grant - Develop Your Creative Practice.

Eventually, at the end of May, I received notification that my application had been successful!

Out of 1,894 eligible applications, I was one of the 384 individuals & freelancers chosen to help develop our work!

I really didn't expect this and I am very grateful for the help, advice and support I received from the Glossop Creates & KIN.DER team!!

DYCP supports individuals who are cultural and creative practitioners and want to take time to focus on their creative development. Funding activity: Research and development opportunities, building new networks, creating new work. Eligibility: Individual artists and/or creative practitioners. For more information about the fund, go to:

In November 2021, Glossop Creates initiated a series of workshops aimed at providing advice and support in writing applications to Arts Council Of England, Develop your Creative Practice.

The workshop was led by Claire Tymon and open to anyone living and working in Glossopdale. Claire invited us to talk about our practices and share our ideas and advised us on the best way to go about writing our applications and talked us through the process and shared with us her experience of writing this type of application. At the time I didn't have a solid idea for a proposal so I decided to go away, think about it and come back for the next round.

I feel extremely lucky to have been awarded this grant and I intend to document my progress throughout my blog and social media as well as work closely with LOCAL & Glossop Creates!

If you're interested to know more you may be interested in reading my previous blog posts on this topic....

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