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Core intentions within my practice


Being fortunate enough to live in a small town on the edge of the Peak District means I have endless inspiration right on my doorstep.  The Peak District is known for its rolling hills, dry stone walls and stunning scenery. Walking in nature and soaking it in is all part of self care and so It's important that we don't take our natural environments for granted. We must take care of our natural world and promote appreciation. Every design I create has a narrative, I ensure that the original inspiration for my work is not lost and is reflected through the design process. I encourage you to seek out and enjoy these places for yourselves.


Biophilia translates as 'the love of life and living things'.  Edward O Wilson, Harvard Biologist, used the term to describe the theory of our innate connection and attraction to nature. I have always adopted inspiration from the natural world and I wanted to understand why this was. Through this questioning I have discovered style of design that I am passionate about. 'Biophilic design', a concept that focuses on increasing connectivity with nature through different applications with the intention to relive stresses and improve health.


Colour usually has its place in design driven by trends and forecasting however the way I value colour goes beyond that. Colour can be experienced in many different ways emotionally and psychologically. I like to use colours as tools exploring how they affect us and how they can be used to help us. 
Intuitively I work with colours associated with nature which aligns well with the practice of Biophilic Design.  How do we feel when we experience lush green woods and the beautiful blues of the ocean?
Evidence has shown that changing the colour of a room can affect our mood and even productivity. I aim to use colour within my designs as a tool to enhance and bring balance to our homes.


Life can be stressful and challenging at times and so it important that we look after our health and wellbeing.
Exercising, eating healthy, yoga, meditation and so on are all great for our mental health and wellbeing but why stop there? If we can bring elements of nature within our home environments to create a place of sanctuary then why shouldn't we?
Combining evidence based design and colour psychology within my design practice I aim to provide the connection to nature that we seek within our home environments. I carefully select colour palettes that are harmonious and evoke feelings of calm and balance whilst also focusing on using indirect forms of nature within the home through surface design , Art & photography.

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